Our most frequently asked questions

No. Timeslot deliveries are not required for any LCL shipment. With regards to containers and deliveries larger than a full semi-truck we do request notice so that we are able to allocate resources, yard space and time effectively.

You can input an ASN through our user friendly online portal. Simply fill out a few details on the shipment, add your SKU’s and quantities and you’re done! When receiving stock we book directly off of the ASN so that we know exactly what to expect. Our system will also notify you of any discrepancies if your expected amount is less, or more, than the received.

All products are visibly checked and physically counted when receiving. As an extra measure, all stock is individually scanned in to ensure impeccable accuracy.

Black Bear Fulfillment requires all inwards goods to be barcoded, however on the occasion that something is not barcoded we will happily do so for you.

Yes! We love visitors. Simply book in a time with your account manager or a customer service guru and we’ll be there with bells on.

Absolutely. We are constantly consolidating stock regardless (unless requested otherwise) to save you money, and to increase our storage capacity.

Stock takes can be requested as often or as little as you like. Our team is constantly cycle counting (this is included and is not at an additional fee) to ensure stock is accurate as possible.

We use a range of rules based on certain parameters to judge the most appropriately sized packaging for the order. The most common way of doing so is by using rules that go off combined cubic measurement of the order. We will of course pack to your requirement though, so if you have specific rules for specific SKU’s that is no issue.

Absolutely. We do not charge extra for marketing material/inserts if they go in every single order. If the inserts vary based on SKU or order size this will be counted as an additional pick.

Yes! Did you know that branded packing material typically results in increased customer satisfaction and a higher re-purchase rate? We urge everyone to use custom packaging where possible so that you can grow even faster!

Our online dashboard has some amazing features. It’s cloud based, so all changes are instantaneous. Here, you can make as many changes to orders as you need.

Absolutely. We fulfill for many companies that have a split of eCommerce and retail orders.

For Australia Post we require you to send through our account only, however we do allow BYO courier accounts for other carriers – this is at a small fee though.

Yes, Black Bear Fulfillment ships worldwide. Nowhere is too far!

We are well versed in the seasonality of eCommerce. This of course does not apply to all sellers, but we will manage your ups and downs in volume.

Our system will automate this for you and we will then manage the increased volume while getting your backorders out as quickly as possible.

Yes we do! We integrate directly with just about every eCommerce platform and every popular inventory management system. This means we can complete integrations within a matter of minutes – no slow onboarding times!

Depending on the platform, we will sync every few minutes, or for some platforms such as Shopify, instantaneously. We can sync as often, or as little as you choose.

You sure can. Our online dashboard gives full transparency on all relevant information regarding despatch, order status, inventory and returns.

We respond to all queries within 2 hours of receiving your email. Our average response time is currently 27.52 minutes.

Our onboarding process is designed to be as quick and efficient as possible. We can be ready to get going and receive your inventory in as little as a single business day.